People tend to ask me whether they can fly with me and what to do for that. Well, on this site and soon to be subpages you can find out about all this by yourself, which will, hopefully, make things easier for all of us. Down below I will post dates when flying will be possible.

First things first. I am legal to fly in the US and European Union. I mus maintain the visual flight rules (VFR).

I get asked a lot about payment for flying with me. My rating says that I am a private pilot. Which means, that I am not allowed to fly for hire, therefore I am not entitled for charging you a fixed amount of money for the flight. I am required by law to not pay less than the minimum share of the flight costs, meaning I can only ask you for an equal share of the flight cost. Please keep that in mind.

Flight times

I will be in Florida, in the Ft. Myers area to be exact, from November 8th to November 21st. If you want to go up in the air, just let me know!

Want to fly in the Hamburg area in Germany? Just mesage me and we will ge things rolling!

I am currently preparing some galleries with images of the areas I am flying in, so stay tuned for them to come!


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