With the Airbus A320 by Aerosoft being released in different version over the time, we happen to run into some problems regarding compatibility with the textures. The problem first came to me, after Aersoft released the Aerosoft Airbus A320/321, which was preceded by the Airbus X Extended. The problem was that the textures were being displayed on a darker tone, just compare the two images below.

The problem is one file located in every texture folder. It is the texture.cfg.
It can be found in: Drive/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Flightsimulator X/Simobjects/Aircraft/any Aerosoft Airbus folder.
So, if you experience problems with my liveries as shown above, this is your little troublemaker. My liveries are made for the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus, so older viersion would experienceproblems. I can't say for sure if the Aibus X Extended suffers the same problems as vice versa, so if you experience a different problem, please feel free to contact me so we can work that out.
At this point I can say if the new Aerosoft Airbus Professional is not compatible. All liveries will be made compatible over time. PLease see the table below for which planes are compatible yet.

Product A320/321 A318/319 Fix
Airbus X not compatible not available Download
Airbus X Extended not compatible not available Download
Aerosoft Airbus compatible compatible not required

AS Airbus Professional Compatibility

A318all Compatible
A319all Compatible
A320not Compatible
A321not Compatible


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