As some of you may have notice, there is a project in the projcet list called Aerosoft Airbus UHD. This project has been in the phase of paintkit for nearly three years now, just because I always put it to aside and worked on other projects instead. However, work is going to be continued by March.

What is the Aerosoft Airbus UHD project?

As some of you know, the Aerosoft Airbus A320/A321 comes with a native texture resolution of 1024x1024 pixels. The fuselage being divided into four sections, we have a total length of 4096x1024 pixels, but some of them not being used for texture (open the files and see for yourself). Textures for the stabilizer and engines are seperate.
If we compare those to textures by other publishers, such as PMDG, we notice one thing. PMDG delivers their planes, no matter if 737, 747 or 777, with 3 fuselage texturefiles, all with a native resolution of 4096x4096 pixels. So a PMDG plane of the size of an Airbus A320, like the 737, has a resolution that is twelve times higher than the Aerosoft Airbus, thus giving you much more detail.
This is where my project comes in. I believe, that we can achieve more realism with UHD textures, like we see with the PMDG aircrafts. Sidefact: The FSLabs Airbus also comes with textures this size.
So what I do is, I customize the paintkit from a native 1024x1024 resolution up to a resolution of 4096x4096 for each file of the fuselage. This is an increase of resolution by the factor 16. That gives you quiet a lot of detail. Just compare these pictures.

The Nosesection file, which ends pretty much right behind the first window after the main door, is already 4096x4096 WIP. The Midsection, which extends to a few windowrows behind the overwings exits, is native 1024x1024. While you can read the port warning label on the nosesection, the Lufthansa title above the windows is already blurry on its edges. Not only do we get more detail, but also a better rendering of the detail.
Since all lines and labels have to be customized to the increase of size, this project takes in a lot of work and time. Therefore, I will not apply this to entire fleets, just a few planes. So far, I am working on the paintkit for the A320, the A321 will follow in like two years (yes, it is this time consuming and I don't have much time besides my work).
I already started a list of the planes I will make in UHD. If you have planes you like in this, please contact me and we will talk about the details. News to this project can be found in the news blog, plus I will update this page from time to time.

What do you think about this project? Let me know on my Facebook page an just leave a post!


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