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The entire idea of creating HQ liveries started with me wanting to fly as real as it gets with Lufthansa planes in my FSX. It soon turned out, tht one aircraft featuring just one registration wasn't enough. After so,e easy painting skills with the Wilco Airbus I soon started creating a paintkit. About the same time I moved over to the Former Airbus X Extended from Aerosoft and created the first Lufthansa Paintkit in Verion 1 for the A320. Since then a lot have changed. The current Aerosoft Airbus is now in version 4, I also added fleetpackages for the PMDG B747, the Wilco Airbus Series Vol. 1 & 2, Project Airbus A380 having the entire fleet covered now.


A lot has changed over the years. The paintkits are now more detailed, I use original logos in higher quality and fonts that are closer to he original. In Version 4 I even make each plane custom. By custom I do not mean changing the name and registration, no, I do add small details that make every plane unique and look like it's real model. That includes frequent updates, since I rely on recent images taken by plane spotters. So If you have any good recent pictures that show significant details of certain planes feel free to send them to me.


The images in the slider above feature some shots of my planes, on the To-Do List you can see what is coming u next for Lufthansa. For the different repaints click on the Add-On in the menu to the left to access the download pages.





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