The Eurowings Fleet has just undergone some updates. All Wetlease aircraft have new Wing Textures. The A319 aircraft all got a change in the font used for the registration of the tail, plus the D-ABZN and D-ABNK (bot wetlease A320) gut new turbine textures. All new liveries are now avaibale for download here. Enjoy!

Meanwhile there've been some issues concerning the B747 V3 Lufthansa Fleet package. There have been reports aboput the registration in the cockpit being flipped upside down. This should be fixed by now, if you are still undergoing this issue, please contact me asap!

The Eurowings Fleet has only been released for a handfull of days, and already moved to a new version. At least partly. Due to the high amount of requests I decided to push the release ahead and am relasing it already today and not as planed on sunday. The two Wetlease Fleetpackages got updated to Version 1.1, since 3 aircraft entered service, der D-ABGJ, an Airbus A319.112, and two A320: D.ABNE and D-ABDQ. The special thing with D-ABDQ is that it is wearing a very nice Movie Park Livery as you can see in the picture. All new liveries are now avaibale for download here. Enjoy!

It has been a long time of painting, testing and being frustated for me and perhaps a long time of waiting for you. But we all went through this together and now I can finally announce that the Eurowings A320-Family Fleetpackage for the Aerosoft Airbus has been released and can be downloaded here. All planes are included, Eurowings, Eurowings Europe, and the planes leased from Air Berlin. All palnes that are in the fleet as of today are included. Future planes will be available once they join the fleet, so check back for updates to come.

The December starts with a bunch of new updates. Don't miss them!
Changelog: Lufthansa AS A320-Family: A320-214: -DAIZX 5Starhansa ***** Sticker added A320-271N: -new thumbnails -D-AINI added -D-AINJ added PMDG QOTS: B747-830i: -D-ABYM 5Starhansa ***** Sticker added Eurowings AS A320-Family: A319: -Fleet added -D-AGWB -D-AGWC -D-AGWD -D-AKNT A319 AB Wetlease: -Fleet removed A319 Europe: -new thumbnails -OE-LYX added -D-AGWA added -D-AGWH added -D-AGWI added -D-AGWU added A320 Wetlease AB: -D-ABFO removed -D-ABFR updated -D-ABNE removed -D-ABNK removed -D-ABNN removed -D-ABNU removed -D-ABNV removed -D-ABNW removed Germanwings AS Airbus A320-Family: A319: D-AKNT removed D-AGWA removed D-AGWB removed D-AGWC removed D-AGWD removed D-AGWH removed D-AGWI removed D-AGWR removed D-AGWU removed A320: -D-AIQH removed -D-AIQL removed -D-AIQM removed -D-AIQP removed -D-AIQR removed -D-AIQS removed Austrian Airlines AS Airbus A320-Family: A319: -new thumbnails A320: -new thumbnails -OE-LBQ new c/s -OE-LXA added -OE-LXB added -OE-LXC added -OE-LXD added -OE-LXE added A320 AB Wetlease: -removed A321. -new thumbnails

Just in time before PMDG releases their B747-8 expansion pack for the QOTSII, I am to release the ufthansa B747-8i Fleetpackage for the QOTS! All planes handpainted like the original aircraft, as always. You download the entire fleet or just individual planes. The B747-400 planes will be available soon. Downsloads are avaiable here. Please note, that these liveries will not be compatible with the new version of PMDG.


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