Since I often get asked the same question about support me I created this small page.

As mentioned before, you have two options of supporting me if you want to.
1. You can do a single donation of an amount of your choice. Whatever you feel is adequate. you can just simply use this button and there you go. I would appreciate it.

 2. You can support me over a long term by becoming a patron on patron. Patreon is a fundraising plattform for artists on the web or similar. You donate a small amount each month and get a reward for it. The rewards are currently early or special accesses for releases, videos of the creating and more. The monthly donation starts at $1. If you want to find out about this just visit my page on patreon.

I really appreciate every single support I can get since I use my freetime for all this work. So, if you enjoy it feel free to be a supporter. Other rewards on patreon will be added in the future once it is running. I know the Patreon community is small yet, but together we can keep it growing.



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