Time in isolation should be used wise by all students currently undergoing flight training. Depending on where you life your training might be interupted for now.

However, this is no excuse for you not to be current with your ground school and having your knowledge refreshed once you are back in the cockpit.

No matter what you are training for right now, though most important if you are working on your private pilot license, here are five things you should review while you are stuck at home.

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One thing your instructer will most likely review after a break in your training is airwork. Though you can not train the maneuvers at home, you cann still view the tecniques and single steps to each manuever.

Make yourself familiar again with the following:

  • Slow flight
  • Stalls
  • Steep Turns
  • Ground Reference Maneuvers

Though I will review them all with you in another article here are some questions you should be able to answer right now:

  • Why do you need to add power once you speed falls below a certain value?
  • What is the correct order of the landing stall recovery process?
  • On what leg relative to the wind do you enter a ground reference maneuver?
  • Why do you need to add power in a steep turn?
  • How does your pitch angle change when you add flaps in slow fight?


Depending on where in the world you fly airspaces will be used in a different way. Though I will mostly cover EASA regulations and be focused on flying in Germany, the following can be reviewed by any one of you.

Make yourself again familiar with the following airspace properties. You should be able to answer all of the following to each airspace use in you area:

  • Weather minimums
  • Controlled or uncontrolled
  • Equipment
  • Seperations
  • Dimensions
  • Clearence required
  • How they are displayed on a chart


Though you might haven't come across cross-country flights in your training yet you should still make yourself familiar with the process. This once is crucial to all of your flights, so make sure you know your way aound.

By the time you are again sitting down in the left seat you should be familiar with the following:

  • Route Planning
  • Charts
  • Performance Calculations
  • Weather Briefings
  • How to use your manual flight computer
  • How to handle the VFR flight log

Your instructor will expect you to be safe in this topic in the intermediate part of your training, especially when you are training for commercial pilot. So make sure you know your way around this topic. This way you will put a smile on your instructors face once you are up in the air again.


Not much you can actually review here since most of it comes down to the technique and flying skills.

However, you can stay up do to date with the procedures. Review the following things for normal, short field, soft field and no flap landings:

  • Pattern Design and Altitude
  • Procedures on all legs
  • Speeds and Power setting
  • Flap settings
  • Touchdown Zone
  • Flare and Brake Tecniques

It is very likely you will do some practice landings in your first lessons once training is back up. But the better you are prepared for it, the sooner you will be back into it.


Though this is all about the books it is good to give yourself a heads up on Aerodynamics. If you look at the topics I already mentioned you will notice that they all include Aerodynamics at some point and the basics are somthing every pilot must remember.

Make yourself familiar again with the folowing basics:

  • Lift & Drag
  • Airflow
  • Forces in Flight
  • Flight Controls

All these are neccessary to cover the basic understanding of how a plane works.

Review all of these over a period of two or three weeks and you won't be that much out of shape once you are up in the air again. Like I said before, the key to good piloting is knowing your ground school.

If for whatever reason you will be off training for a little longer, just review those topics more often on the go. Stay healthy!

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