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My pilot career started back in Dezember 2013 when I signed up with Paragon Flight Training in Florida for my private pilot training. The following spring was covered with applying for the required visa, as well as starting online ground school. 

In summer 2014 I spent two weeks down in Florida packed woth flight training. I had up to four lessons a da, but since summer is rain season in Florida plenty got cancelled. In my second week I went on my first solo flight, one of the best experiences in my entire pilot career.

Before going back to Florida in spring 2015 I finished online ground school, so I was ready for the written exam once I got there. After I passed it I continued training and passed my checkride on my last day before leaving back home after two and  a half weeks of consecutive training.

EASA PPL(A) Validation

Back in Germany I started on getting all the ressources for validation. I used my vacation down in Florida for time building, as I need 100 hours total time for the validation.

In February 2017 I started an internship paired with a modular ATPL training with Flugschule Hamburg, where I stay ever since. Here I finished the validation of my EASA PPL and started ATPL ground school while using the time for timebuilding

Flight Instructor training

In January 2019 I started my flight instructor training at my flight school. I passed the checkride in April and the written ATPL soon after. Since summer 2019 I now work at the flight school as an instructor for PPL, CPL, flight instructors and the NVFR rating.

Currently I am finishing of my practical IFR training.



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Hey! My name is Max, I am a 24 years old flight instructor from Germany. My passion is all about seeing the world, both on the ground and from above.

Life goal: Have visited 100 countries by the age of 45!
Countries visited so far: 10

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