One week in Andalusia


Finishing off my trip to Andalusia I paid a two day visit to Granada. Besides paying the Alhambra a visit I toured the city and let myself catch by its flair.

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1  Málaga - Costa del sol

I started of my trip to Andalusia with three days in Málaga in which I toured through the city. Follow me to the places I visited!

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1  One week in Andalusia

In fall I had to spontaneously replan my vacation. So I booked a flight to Malagá and toured Andalusia for one week and enjoyed southern Spain....

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1  Daytrip to Gibraltar

Who hasn't heard of the territory of Gibraltar in the south of Spain? Not only because of its vicinity to Morocco, but also since it is a british territory with political tensions with Spain...

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picture of me in copenhagen

Hey! My name is Max, I am a 24 years old pilot from Germany. My passion is all about seeing the world, both on the ground and from above.

Life goal: Have visited 100 countries by the age of 45!
Countries visited so far: 14

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