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Planing on going to Andalusia on your next vacation? Plan on paying a visit to the city of Granada, located about one and a half driving hours northeast of Málaga. With the Sierra Nevada to its east Granada has a mean temperature of 15° Celcius with temperatures above 30° Celsius and around 11 hours of sun per day in the summer. 

Same as Málaga, Granda is mostly visited by tourists in the summer season. Persoannly I like to travel in the off-season, so I came here in early November and it was still fairly warm with up to 20° C during the day and lots of sun. However, once the sun is gone it gets cold fast and in the early monrings you definatelly need a jacket. Though I only spent two days here, I want to give you a little overview of the places you can and should visit.

Places to visit


Albaicin is a district in the eastern part of the city. It is the old town and also refered to as the arabian quarter. It is distinct for its many narrow alleys in which you can get lost for quiet some time. Since it is built on a hillside there are a lot of ups and downs, so make sure to pay a visit to the small bars for a drink in case you get sweaty.

The arabian quarter got its name from the arabian herritage which is reflected in the buildings, people and athmosphere. At some point you might not be sure if you are working through Granada or Morroco.

Calle Caldereria Nueva

Entering Albacin coming from the city center you will soon find yourself in the street Calle Caldereria Nueva. Being in the city before this is a big contrast. The street is home to many arabian shops and restaurants, making you feel like diving into the arabian culture. 

I walked down this street multiple times being fascinated of its flair. Walking through the little stores is really enjoyable. The restaurants are great to enjoy a nice dinner. Instead of wine and tapas you will find minted tea and typical arabian dishes in the restaurants. The little shops offer the opportunity to buy a nice souvenir.

P1288505 P1299187 P1288503 

Casa árabe de Horno del Oro

Calle Horno del Oro is one of the many alleys in Albaicin. So you may ask, why it is listed here. Well, it is one, maybe even the narrowest alley in Granada. Not only is it a great spot to take alley photos, especially if they are empty, but it is also home to the casa árabe de Horno del Oro. It is a small building with an inner courtyard. It cost 5€ entrance. in my oppinion, 5€ isn't worth the visit, but the ticket also grants you acces to two more attractions.

P1311261 P1322020

Palacio Dar al-Horra

The second attraction to visit with the 5€ pass is the palacio Dar al-Horra. It is located just arround Mirador de santa Isabel la Real, about a ten minute walk from the Horno del Oro. The Palacio is a better place to visit than the Casa árabe. It also features a courtyard, a little tower and a small garden. Unfortunatelly I have not been able to locate the third attraction, since there are multple printed on the flyer you get with the ticket and the staff wasn't really helpful.

P1322028 P1322046 P1322044

Cathedral of Granada

Same as Málaga, Granada also has a Cathedral, roughly the same sice, but not as tall and beautiful I must admit. Entry is 5€.

From the outside it is a masive building surrounded by close alleys, so it is hard to realiue its entire size. Inside you have many niches with different art surround its impressive center. I think picures can say more than words.

P1288749 P1288740 P1299511

Capilla Real 

On the back side of the cathdral you find the Capilla Real, a small chapel that hosts the remainings of king Ferdinand II and queen Isbaelle de Castilla. Their sarcophagi have been setup in the center. Fee is 5€, but you are not allowed to take pictures inside.

Iglesia Parroquial

South of the cathedral the is a smaller church, the Iglesia Parroquial. It is located right next to the cathedral, so don't mistake it or the cathedral. When coming from the south. I first went in here, there is no fee. It is small with some nice arts. Thinking it was the cathedral I was a little disappointed, before I later found out that the cathedral was right next door.

Though it is not as big as the cathedral, it still has its own flair. The altar is right in the center, some natural light comes through a few windows in the roof.

P1299587 P1299613 P1299609


When coming to Granada you definatelly don't want to miss visiting the Alhambra. It is considered the biggest attraction of spain. The origins date back to the 11th century. It was built on a hill in the east of the city, south of Albaicin. Every year thousands of people from all over the worl come to pay it a visit. You can get up there either by bus or walking.

Tickets need to be purchased in advance. Especially in summer they need to be ourchased weeks ahead, so it is nothing you should ddecide on spontaneous. In the off season you can by them on a shorter notice. I got mine three weeks ahead. With the ticket you can visit the Alhambra for the entire day. The only thing that is limited is the Palacios Nazaríes. When bying a ticket you have to select a time on which you want to enter. A regular ticket costs around 20€ and can be purchased here.

The Palacios Nazaríez are a must visit. Make sure to not miss your timeslot, as you won't be granted access if you show up late. If you can, try to avoid bringing a backpack inside, as it has to be carried upfront. A locker is just around the corner. Inside the Palacios you follow a walkway through the different buildings. It is a very beutiful building with many fountains, little gardens and a great view to the north.

Besides the Palacios, the Alhambra also cosists of many different budlinggs like a small chapel and a museum. Also its has many different gardens, which are arranged beautifully. For your visit you should plan at least half the day, better the full. I got here at the opening time of 8 in the morning and didn't leave before 3pm.

P1288555 P1299665 2 P1299710

Accomendation and Restaurants

I stayed in an airbnb located just 10 minutes by foot south of the city centre. The room was fine for the two nights I stayed. Parking was difficult to find down on the street, basically you can't get around a parking garage. Prices can reacch up to 20€ a day, I stayed at an APK2 garage, you can pay through their app for just 7€ a day. 

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Everybody needs to grab a bite once in a while, right? So I collected some restaurant tips for you.

Delicious oriental restaurant, located in the arabic district

Most places accept payments with credit cards, however AmericanExpress is taken rarely. It is also good to have some cash on hand some smaller places only accept cash.

Be advised that you have to pay fees for some of the motorways. They can be paid directly at the station with cash or card. 

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