Malmö is the biggest city in southern Sweden and sits right on the border to Denmark. From Copenhagen it is just a 40 minute train ride, making it an ideal destination for a daytrip. You can always go their by car, as both cities are connected through the Øresundsbridge, serving both cars and trains. The bridge is a remarkable building and ou have a great view. Crossing requires a fee for cars.

We bought our ticket the day before easily via the Omio App, costing us 23€ for two persons. We planed two nights and one full day for Malmö before continuing to Stockholm.

When we arrived at the Malmö Central Station we got to witness many football fans from Copenhagen entering the city. Whe weren't aware about the football game between Malmö and Copenhagen taking place that night.

When we got there we walked to our airbnb appartment, which was about 20 minutes from Malmö Central. We soon noticed that Malmö was wayless crowded than Copenhagen. Malmö is a peaceful city in general, maybe thats due to the fact that Malmö isn't much of a tourist town. Most tourists coming here are tourists from Copenhagen on a daytrip.

We soon reached our appartment. The check-in was pretty easy due to a simple code lock on the door, whoever, finding the rightappartment wasn't that easy. Though we had an appartment number, not all appartments were clearly marked and the distribution seemd some sort of random.

One thing we also weren't aware about, that the next day would be October 4th, which is Kanelbullens dag, the national cinnamon bun day.

Places to See

Old town

The old town of Malmö also functions as the city center. It consists ostly of old buildings. The center itself is Stortorget Plaza featuring the city hall and the statues of King Karl X. Gustav, who won Malmö back for Sweden in 1658.


Behind the city hall you can find the oldes building in entire Malmö. It is the St. Petri Kyrka church and was build back in 1319 and is still open.

The center itself features many different stores, restaurants and cafés, most of them located in old buildings. The alleys can be really nice to walk through, especially since it isn't that crowded.


One building you might want to visit is an old pharmacy located right on the Stortorget Plaza. Most people visiting here are people who just want to have a look inside as it is so historic.

Malmö Lighthouse

Within the harbour area you can find the old lighthouse of Malmö. As the city has been growing a lot in this area in the past and the land was extended into the water, it doesn't really serve another purpose as a landmark today. 


Turning Torso

The Turning Torso is one of the most modern buildings in Sweden and the tallest in Scandinavia and landmark of Malmö. It is located in Västra Hamnen, a modern district in the western harbour area.


The tower is build in a way that it turns around itself in a total of 90° for ground to top. It features both commercial as well as private properties.


This is the public beach of Malmö. It can be easily reached by car or bike. It is loacted west of the city. 

As the water is pretty cold around this time of the year (it does never really get warm if you ask me though) we didn't go for a swim. Instead I used the opportunity for some photography.

P1088504  P1050729

Besides the birds who are present around here, you can also get a nice, distant view of the Turning Torso. If you have a tele lense  it is a great spot to take some nice photos.

If you are into sauna and stuff like that the Ribersborgs Kallbadhus is located right here.

City Library

Malmö features a modern, photogenic library. We just went in here to have a look at for ourselfes and it sure does look really nice from the inside.

If you are into books you will surely find something to read in here.

It has a Donkey bike station right in front of it, so you can easily get a bike to get going afterwards.


Malmöhus is the castle of Malmö and all thats left of what used to be the Fort of Malmö. In its history Malmö has been occupied by Denmark and Sweden plenty of times, before both countires finally settled in the mid-19th century.

The castle is home to a museum about the history of Malmö these days. Entering the castle is free of charge, it even features a little model of what the city used to look like. The land that is north of it is atificial and wasn't there back then, so it was actually build right on the coast.


Just south of Malmöhus you can find a big garden area with many plants. If you are into gardening it I would recommend you to pay it a visit.


When we visited the were finishing building the worlds biggest insect hotel being at least 40m long and having a volume of 20m3


During our planing we always refereed to this place as the colorful apparment due to the airbnb pictures. And yes, it is a nice little room with a great host. The appartment ist about 15 minutes by food from the old town. There is a supermarket, bus stops and a Donkey Bike Station within 5 minute walking distance.

You can find the appartment right here
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We aesily booked out trainticket to Malmö just the day beforevia Omio. Read here how you can set up your account with omio and save 10€ on your first booking.

Within the citycenter everything is in walking distance. For public tarnsportation Malmö offers many buses, so they will be your way to go. We didn't use them, so I can't help you on pricing.

We decided to try Donkey Republic. They have bike stations all over town so you can easily return your bike. All you need is an account and their app. They charge you by time and the hourly rate decreases the longer you rent. It made it really easy for us to move across town. If you want to make a stop at some ponit, you can easily lock your bike via the app. This option is most like more expansive than a bus ticket though.


Food and drinks

To be honest, we didn't try any restaurants in Malmö as we just sticked to selfmade dinner at home. Though we have visited two cafés we woul like to reccomend to you.

St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri
A Coffee House chain with several places around town. They have great cinnamon buns and hot chocolate, as well as a whole variety of different food and drinks. The café itself was nicely decorated. Fair proces.

Lilla Kafferosteriet
This café is located in Gamla Staden just two blocks south from 
Plaza Stortorget. You just go south along the big alley and take the next turn to the left. Then it will be on the right hand side, just up on the next corner. We only got cinnamon buns for take out, but they were very delicious.



In Scandinavia it is already very common to pay with card, So it is not really neccessary to bring any cash. We didn't find any place that wouldn't accept our credit cards. If you prefer paying cash though that isn't much of a problem either. But if you don't care for it you don't need to visit a currency exchange.

Guided Tours

In Malmö we went on a two hour free walking tour. Our uide Jeremy, who migrated from the UK, showed us around Malmö and told us many things about its histor. As it was Kanelbullens dag that day he even brought us little cinnamon buns. Even though he bought them cheap at a supermarket, they were super delicious. As the name suggests the tour is free of charge, though your guide will be happy about a little tip in the end. The tour can be easily booked through their homepage.


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