Since I often get asked the same questions, I did set up this page in order you to find answers more easily and me getting releaved from being ongoing asked the same questions. If you are still looking for an answer for your question after looking through the FAQs and the troubleshoot page, feel free to contact me. More questions might be added.

F: Do your liveries work with FS9?
A: It depends. Liveries for the Wilco Airbus do work under FS9. Since FS9 is not programmed to work with textures saved in the DDS format those won't work. The PMDG B747 QOTS should not work under FS9, not sure here. If you are experiencing a problem, feel free to contact me

F: Do you create liveries for X-Plane?
A: No, I do not since I don't use it. Maybe in the future

F: Do you only create liveries for Lufthansa or do you also paint for other airlines?
A: Looking through the website you can probably answer this question yourself. It all started with Lufthansa but since then I moved beyond that. I do create Fleet package for airlines within the Lufthansa group (so maybe Brussels will follow if it is demanded), but this is all I do. For single liveries all it takes is asking me. Have a look at the custom site, I already did some other besides Lufthansa.

F: Do you create other liveries on demand?
A: Yes I do. but please be aware that I do not paint for all Add-Ons and that some liveries can take a lot of time. For more information have a look on this pasge.

F: How long do I have to wait for my livery?
A: It depends on some factors. To name the major ones: complexity of the livery and my personal time. I will always tell how long I think it will take. Since this is an estimate, please have some sympathy if it takes a while longer. If you do feel I forgot about you, since you haven't heard from me in a while just contact me. For more information have a look on this pasge.

F: How can I contact you?
A: I have a contact form on the bottom of every page on here. Besides I have a contact mailadress in every read me file. For mailing me just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact me on my Facebook page. I check them daily.

F: What do you need for a livery?
A: Most Iimportant I need images of the original aircraft, as many from diferent angles as possible, especially close up of stickers or other details. In case I do not own the Add-On plane (a list of them can be found here), I need some files from you (model.mdl, aircraft.cfg), I will tell you in detail. Without these things I cannot paint the livery. If you don't cooperate on this, I will suspend the work without further notice. For more information have a look on this pasge.

F: Are your liveries for free?
A: Yes, they are and will always be.

F:  Can I support you?
A: Yes, you can either support me via patreon or through a donation. Links can be found here.


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