Sometimes it happens that you experience some erors with the installed liveries. Most of the errors are cause by the enduser. I always ask to read the Read me carefully in order to prevent errors caused by installation failures. This list will grow with time. If you can't find your problem on here or are still having issues with your problem feel free to contact me using the form below. Please state your problem on what livery for which Add-On is affeted.


1. I can not see the installed livery

This can have multiple reasons. At least one of the following will be the cause for it.
1. Check if you have selcted Show all variants in the aircraft selection menu in the sim.
2. Check if the aircraft.cfg entry is positioned in the file.
3. Check if the entry is labeled with the next number in sequence.

2. The entire aircraft is black

The aircraft being shown black is a sign of missing textures.
1. Check if the texturefolder is copied into the Add-On folder.2. Check if the name of the texture folder is spelled correctly in the aircraft.cfg entry. The entry in the line texture= shoud be equal to the name of the texture folderd disregarding the Texture. preset.

3. Part of the aircraft is black

The aircraft having black areas with others showing the livery is a sign of the absence of some texturefiles. If you are using the Captain Sim B767 please be aware of the fact that Captain Sim does not feature textures for anteanna boxes on top of the aircraft. Even the liveries coming with the product do not feature these textures.
1. Check if the texturefolder has the same amount of files as the downloaded folder. Sometimes files can go missing while copying.
2. If the issues is still missing, please use the contact form to contact me.

4. The livery is displayed in a darker tone

This problem can occur with the Aerosoft Airbus, since they have released in in different versions over time. I have put up a detailed page regarding this issue and how to fix it here.


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