Sunset in Monument Valley

Every Scenery looks better with the sun setting, giving the nature its colorful touch. I honestly love taking pictures during sunset. Or during sunrise.

In 2014 I went on a roadtrip in Western USA. We went from California through Nevada, Utah, Arizona and back. One evening we stopped at Monument valley, just minutes before closing and went on the drivewway through the valley. Turned out we weren' either late or early. With the setting sun in our back everything was turned into a nice, shiny red. Back then I was still photographing with my Lumix FZ48. 

If you have never been here I truely recommend you stopping by. It is totally worth it, especially at this time of the day. from all of our stops on this trip, this one is definatelly one of my favorites. You can check out all images here.
Pictures from our other stops such as Bryce and Grand Canyon will follow on here soon. Don't miss sneak peaks on Instagram beforehand!


Welcome to my blog!

I am glad you found your way to my homepage and I hope you are enjoying your stay here. Even though it seems basic at some times, I make it myself and I am not a web designer, so iI think the turnout is still pretty good.


This is me in this picture. It was taken by a friend last November in Florida. We were visiting Ding Darling National Park and biked through it that day. At this time I was taking pictures of white pelicans. I will upload them pretty soon so keep visiting my page in order to not miss them!

Even though this blog might seem pretty empty right now don't forget; this is just the first post of many more to come! I am working my way in to upload many different albums in the next weeks. I am also going to post images on my Instagram account frequently, so make sure to check out my channel there as well!

If you are curious about my equipment make sure to check out my page about it, you will see many shots on here where I used it. If you hvae any furter questions, you can always hit me up with an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or DM me at Instagram.


Until then, have a great day and stay positiv!



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