On Youtube you can find all of the Video that I am producing. The channel gets updated on a frequent base, I have a new video coming up every Friday. It is recorded from inside an airliner from the passenger view, featuring either a Landing or a Take-Off. They are mostly recorded in Germany, USA or Japan. Besides I am uploading full flight videos every last Tuesday of the month. All video festure HD Quality, some are already recorded and edited in 4K. For the General Aviation part there is work going on towards a sceries onboard smaller plane. The first season is already recorded and is currently being edited. It will feature flights around Southwest Florida in a Cessna 172SP with up to 4 cameras, so stay tuned.

On here you can find links to the most popular videos and playlists. I have links to all videos and playlists provided on ondividual subpages.

All the content I provide is free, however I am glad about every single supporter I can get. If you want to support me with more than just a subscription, you can become a patroon at patreon.com for as low as $1/month. I have some great rewards waiting for you. Down below you can find my current channel information video also talking about patreon, what rewards you can get and what kind of rewards you wish for in the future.

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